Products and Services

Certified Appraisals
Our certified appraisals are requested by corporations, attorneys, lending institutions and government agencies for the purposes of asset lending, work-outs, estate disbursements, and tax settlements. Using USPAP criteria, principles and considerations, we offer: Liquidation Value, Orderly Liquidation Value, Fair Market Value, Fair Market in Place Value. Most importantly, Steeves & Company remains a disinterested third party, having no vested interest in appraised assets.

Asset Liquidations
Asset management involves choosing a proper technique, market target, and expertise to carry the task to a successful conclusion. Steeves & Company views each situation as a unique opportunity. We are committed to helping our customers understand their options and creating positive solutions to today’s business needs. Quite often an engineered sale of assets i.e. an orderly liquidation, public auction or a combination of these approaches are sound, responsible, and commercially reasonable avenues for solving immediate or long term financial needs.

Brokerage Services
Steeves & Company maintains a significant database of sources and buyers looking for your equipment. Our marketing strategies are designed to achieve the best dollar return for our clients. We handle all aspects of the sale from marketing, price negotiation, to removal logistics.

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